Wakeboard / Kneeboard


Wakeboar is the snowboard of the sea. The best way of learning how to surf is to have 2-3 lessons with our experienced staff. Once you get the idea, the blue colours of Antisamos's excellent water, are at your service. With various speeds, and various thrills..

Our boat is equipped with a special training bar, which is a great help to beginners. Antisamos Beach is the ideal place for Waterski and Wakeboard, especially in morning hours, when there is no wind at all and the sea is like a lake!!;


Kneeboard is ideal for beginners. Most suitable for children or adults that have no experience with sea sports. Very easy to handle, extremely fun and excellent for working step by step into more exciting watersports!


PRICE: 30€ for 10 minutes

LESSONS: 45€ for 25 minutes

Antisamos Beach Kefalonia
Spyros Antonatos : +30 697 3165 715
Giota Antonatou : +30 694 7377 880






Extreme Watersports Antisamos will provide you life jackets that you owe to wear at all times, in all of the water sports.

Terms of Use

Every water sport except crazy sofa and pedal boat is for children older than 6 years old. In any case an adult should accompany minors.