Banana Boat
Extreme Watersports Kefalonia

Banana Boat

Banana Boat

Banana is very easy and can host up to seven persons.

For those who have already been on a banana boat, you know how extreme and fun can be. On the other hand you can easily have a relaxed tour in the beautiful waters and colorful bays of Antisamos.

Also ideal for families or companies that want to have lot's of fun.


PRICE: 12€ per person for 10 minutes

Antisamos Beach Kefalonia
Spyros Antonatos : +30 697 3165 715
Giota Antonatou : +30 694 7377 880
Aggelos : +30 698 3135 215




Extreme Watersports Antisamos will provide you life jackets that you owe to wear at all times, in all of the water sports.

Terms of Use

Every water sport except crazy sofa and pedal boat is for children older than 6 years old. In any case an adult should accompany minors.