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Tubes / Sliders

Tube rings

kefalonia watersports15Tube rings is extremely fun and exciting. It holds one person each and the boat can carry up to seven rings! Join in with your friends, and if you like adrenaline we can make a few quick turns that will make your heart pump! Ideal for companies that are looking for lot's (and we mean lot's) of fun!


watersports kefalonia11Slider is like a ring tube, but you face down towards the sea. Also extremely fun and it can be combined with up to four sliders simultaneously for maximum fun with your friends! Another watersport that can be very thrilling with a bit more speed..


Aqua Slider

watersports kefalonia13The new crazy slider with roof for endless fun!

The Aqua Slider is a new game designed for up to six riders. Two standing and 4 lying.


 PRICE: 15€ per person for 10 minutes


Antisamos Beach Kefalonia
Spyros Antonatos : +30 697 3165 715
Giota Antonatou : +30 694 7377 880




Extreme Watersports Antisamos will provide you life jackets that you owe to wear at all times, in all of the water sports.

Terms of Use

Every water sport except crazy sofa and pedal boat is for children older than 6 years old. In any case an adult should accompany minors.