Extreme Watersports Kefalonia
Extreme Watersports Kefalonia

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Extreme Watersports Kefalonia

Extreme Watersports is located in the most beautiful beach in Kefalonia Island.

Antisamos Beach is a pure and virgin place with amazing water and natural beauty.
Test your limits and have a blast with our top quality equipment and a variety of sports for you to choose.
Alone or with a friend, or even your family.
There are rides that you can enjoy this magical beach and have fun, or rides that will make your heart pump.
You will explore private gulfs and other 'hidden' small beaches, as our ride last quite a long.
Many years of experience ensure that nothing goes wrong and that will enjoy every minute!

Visit Kefalonia, visit Antisamos Beach and experience Extreme Watersports!

Water Sports

Jet Ski

kefalonia watersports antisamos beach

Wakeboard / Kneeboard

kefalonia watersports antisamos beach

Water Ski

kefalonia watersports33

Tubes / Sliders

kefalonia watersports15

Banana Boat

kefalonia watersports35

Crazy Sofa

kefalonia watersports34


kefalonia watersports antisamos beach


kefalonia watersports antisamos beach


kefalonia watersports antisamos beach


kefalonia watersports antisamos beach

Pedal Boat

kefalonia watersports antisamos beach

Aquatwister (NEW!)












Antisamos Beach Kefalonia
Spyros Antonatos : +30 697 3165 715
Giota Antonatou : +30 694 7377 880
Aggelos : +30 698 3135 215






Extreme Watersports Antisamos will provide you life jackets that you owe to wear at all times, in all of the water sports.

Terms of Use

Every water sport except crazy sofa and pedal boat is for children older than 6 years old. In any case an adult should accompany minors.