Mini Cruises
Extreme Watersports Kefalonia


We organize mini cruises on request and maybe is the best service that we can provide.

Antisamos beach is only one gulf out of many of the area.

The ideal time for a cruise is in the morning when the weather is always perfect and there is no wind and waves. 

Explore isolated places, untouched beaches accessible only by boat.

Take your friends or family and we will show you unique and extremely beautiful sights..

Antisamos Beach Kefalonia
Spyros Antonatos : +30 697 3165 715
Giota Antonatou : +30 694 7377 880
Aggelos : +30 698 3135 215




Extreme Watersports Antisamos will provide you life jackets that you owe to wear at all times, in all of the water sports.

Terms of Use

Every water sport except crazy sofa and pedal boat is for children older than 6 years old. In any case an adult should accompany minors.